• cosmic silence, performances and installations

    ph. Luca Ghedini, courtesy Xing UNTRACEDlive, sound installation & record launch with Lemmo, Beatrice Goldoni, Margherita Morgantin – Bologna, RAUM (IT) Saturday 22 October 2022 at 10 pm Xing presents at Raum Untraced, an evening that hosts the concert Cosmic Silence by the electronic music composer Lemmo, the sound installation Fluorescence by the sound maker […]

  • COSMIC SILENCE 5, fluorescence 4 – LP (white marble vinyl)

    LP produced by XING for XONG collection – artist records  (XX06, 2022) COSMIC SILENCE 5, fluorescence 4 was created from the dialogue of the visual artist Margherita Morgantin with the musicians and sound makers Lemmo and Beatrice Goldoni, within the research project VIP = Violation of the Pauli exclusion principle (2021-2021).  On one side the […]

  • sound thoughts

    “through spectra” compositional work from the sonic materials researched starting from VIP (Cosmic silence). Little sound abstract: “if I pick up a line”, compositional work started from “Moby Dick” performance by Chiara Bersani, summer 2021, commissionated by Danskompaniet Spinn (Sweden). small audio abstract: “sea state”,composed for Chiara Bersani, november 2021, for fluxus performance. small audio abstract: […]

  • hidden

    pic by Mattia Guareri piece for fretless electric guitar and electronics “Hidden” is a piece for fretless electric guitar and electronics, developed using a multi-channel audio delivery system. The piece is developed through a graphic score structured on multiple layers that can be recombined to create a variable multi path sonic narrative.  Here you can […]

  • saudadesaudade

    pic by Alice Ughetto saudadesaudade is electronic music duo from Turin, formed by Edoardo Bonavires and Lemmo. We started to work together in 2018, mixing very different genres and qualities of electronic music, from more experimental to pop sounds, from future garage beats to ambient music. Our first EP TENTATIVIDISTAREANTISOLARE was self-produced and released in […]

  • Incarti


    Incarti is a piece written in 2021 for string quartet and electronics. Performed by the Maurice Quartet in its Italian premiere on 21.10.29 at the Conservatory in Turin.  The piece is all constructed through spectral techniques of formal construction and processing of both the macro and micro form of sounds. The electronic part is on […]