Incarti is a piece written in 2021 for string quartet and electronics. Performed by the Maurice Quartet in its Italian premiere on 21.10.29 at the Conservatory in Turin. 

The piece is all constructed through spectral techniques of formal construction and processing of both the macro and micro form of sounds. The electronic part is on fixed media and was composed entirely using csound and maxmsp. Both electronics and quartet are spatialized in 4 channels (electronics on all speakers, quartet in the front speakers).

The compositional thought stems from a reflection on the role of wrappings  (incarti) in our lives, how they often delineate choices and (im)possibilities.

Now you can listen only the electronic part, an excerpt of the full quartet and electronic piece will be released soon for a complete listening. 

Here some short excerpts from the score.


first extract from the score
second extract from the score