COSMIC SILENCE 5, fluorescence 4 – LP (white marble vinyl)

LP produced by XING for XONG collection – artist records  (XX06, 2022)

COSMIC SILENCE 5, fluorescence 4 was created from the dialogue of the visual artist Margherita Morgantin with the musicians and sound makers Lemmo and Beatrice Goldoni, within the research project VIP = Violation of the Pauli exclusion principle (2021-2021). 

On one side the record hosts the translation into sound spectra of a series of data from the VIP experiment in progress in the LNGS Gran Sasso Nuclear Physics Laboratories, processed by the electronic music composer Lemmo: the sounds constantly oscillate between origin and destination in an environment of pure suspension. Cosmic silence refers to the experiments in the scientific field with the aim of deepening the study of the molecular mechanisms involved in the biological response to environment radiation. 
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