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Composer and 

sound researcher in the field of electronic and experimental music

credits Luca Vianello and Silvia Mangosio

Lemmo, based in Turin, is a composer and sound researcher in the field of electronic and experimental music, graduated in Electronic Music at the Scuola Civica Claudio Abbado in Milan. Their work explores the possibilities of algorithmic composition in relation and dialogue with the acoustic space and as a listening practice, both in the field of sound research and in the multidisciplinary one. 


Another nodal point is the question with respect to the electronic medium as an instrument of observation and interpenetration on the one hand of a computer language related to algorithmic writing for sound synthesis and processing of complex data structures, and on the other hand a study on sound related to field recording and processing of recorded sound.

They also works as a sound designer for dance, performing and visual arts (among their princiapal collaborations Chiara Bersani, Teatro Valdoca, Margherita Morgantin, Lucia Palladino) and teaches electronic music.

They released the LP COSMIC SILENCE 5, fluorescence 4 with Margherita Morgantin and Ilaria Lemmo (XONG collection, Xing) and ‚ÄúTENTATIVIDISTAREANTISOLARE‚ÄĚ with @edaduas.saudade.

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